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About Deanna

Deanna is an entrepreneur, fine artist and simple girl who also loves fashion! She owns a successful website design company and also loves all forms of art and dance. She won the award Miss Congeniality through Miss Universe Canada. Deanna is both caring, organized and ambitious.


Deanna was born in Oakville, Ontario and was raised in the countryside north-west of Toronto. Deanna is married and family-oriented.

Fashion, art and dance, art and well-being have also been driving passions for Deanna.

Her passion for the arts is expressed by her working as an art teacher for young children, and Deanna also takes classical ballet lessons in her spare time. Deanna owns a design business called Royal Canadian Design, to unite and launch various creative projects. She is also a very accomplished visual fine artist.

Deanna enjoys fashion and modelling. She has created a broad product line of designer fascinators that she has sold online and in stores. She arranges her own photoshoots for her products with models – and models herself for them as well sometimes. While attending Western University, she helped organize a major fashion show in London to raise funds for Free the Children as the advertising executive. She helped in the Public Relations and launch for Canada’s Next Top Model in 2017. She has also been a registered model through Orange Model Management and has worked with such brands as Mercedes-Benz.

Deanna has been painting since before she could write. She is inspired by painting about nature and innocence. She is an accomplished fine artist, designated as a professional artist under the Canada Arts Council. Berenson Fine Art in Toronto, an internationally acclaimed gallery, represented her with a solo art exhibition in 2018 and will be doing another in 2022 involving a new painting series inspired by landscapes and beaches.

Deanna helped develop a creative project to create advertising and help promote G.A.B, “Gorgeous and Beautiful”, Deanna uses this as her own workout routine. The method was created by her friend Gabriela Carnovale. G.A.B. is a revolutionary exercise technique for both mind and body, which is a combination of art therapy, meditation, dance, yoga, pilates and stretching; it is already being used to help with physical and mental illnesses and to help with disabilities in various hospitals across Canada including CAMH.

Deanna Bailey is living her dreams and working in within the arts. She lives and loves all things fashion and dance. Working very happily within the art industry by day, in her free time, even more of the arts and also dancing. She loves clothing design, sewing and accessory design and fabrication. Contributing to her success, she hones her craft with complimentary skills of graphic and website design, photography, advertising and public relations (She has excellent bookkeeping skills as well, which is very helpful!). She excels in visual fine art, and her passions for fashion and dance live through her artistic voice here as well, being integral to her subject-matter. She is well rounded, and capable of executing any project – and needless to say, Deanna is very organized as she aspires to live an “inspired” life.

Deanna very much values and enjoys taking care of her family, friends and her community. She loves being involved with fundraisers, and is even writing a motivational book, evolving around on her long-time interest in nutritional sciences. She loves her church and participates in the choir there. Deanna has received inspiration from the love she has received from her family. Deanna feels very blessed from her community involvement, education, skill levels and ability to give back.

Deanna expresses her passions for dance, fashion, art, well-being and fundraising. She loves dance, the runway walk as well as pageantry. Deanna competed in Miss Universe Canada, where she won the special award of Miss Congeniality during 2019! Deanna also participated as a model for the main event for Miss Universe Canada 2021. In 2024, she was accepted again - to compete!

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